Brand: Nui Cobalt

Scent Description: This fragrance is the magical complement to our enchanted candle of the same name. It illuminates your charms and amplifies allure, encouraging self care and the avid appreciation of your finest qualities. An exquisite air of Caribbean teakwood, nectarine, water lilies, Magdagascar vanilla, heirloom roses, tobacco flower, and lavande de Provence over smooth tonka bean. Wear any time you need to be reminded of your innate perfection. Employ in rituals of attraction to awaken your inner radiance.

Released: Witches’ Utility Blends

1 thought on “Beauty”

  1. The first time I tried this scent out, I was really turned off to it. It was really sharp and soapy, and it smelled like an old wood building, which isn’t really something I’d want to smell like. But after I let it sit for a few weeks it was much more lovely! Now I can smell the beautiful florals and nectarine, and this old wood building is now a gorgeous Victorian powder room. In the best way.

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