Brand: Nui Cobalt

Scent Description: Fresh linen, crisp chardonnay, and a rain-quenched herb garden edged with impeccable boxwood topiaries.

Released: The Bees

2 thoughts on “Wasp”

  1. I am surprised at how much I liked this. It is very fresh and clean, but not headachey. I love how clearly the chardonnay comes across, in a really unexpected way. It is a very spring time feeling scent

    I think chardonnay and fresh linen is a great combo, because the chardonnay keeps the linen in check and the linen rounds out the chardonnay. The herbs give a nice outdoorsy feeling to it all. I really like this, and hope it comes back in stock for the spring.

  2. I quite liked this when I first got it, but have since experienced it as a little flat. It’s definitely very fresh and crisp, reminds me of apples and – yes, chardonnay. Blissfully, the linen doesn’t make much of an appearance, but it does definitely smell ‘clean’. It’s not green or herbaceous, really, just bright and fresh and a bit apple-like. I think this would be a good scent for a body product, but it’s a little one-dimensional.

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