1 thought on “Odalisque”

  1. Wet: From the vial, a creamy white chocolate which instantly dwarfed by the spoonfuls of heaped cinnamon power, and a fresh grating of orange zest. On opening, almond essence and its sharp, sliced note demands attention, but breezes through on my skin quickly. As Odalisque itself comes from Turkish, I wanted a lot of beautiful natural aromas and light spices, and once the almond becomes a little more restrained, this scent takes on a wonderful swarthy, golden tone.

    Dried down: The pecan is placed at the heart of the scent, featuring a gorgeous, warm nuttiness, with a generous amount of toasting on the edges, and a lovely dryness and feel of crunch, like the first bite of pecan pie. The closer to the skin I was, the more I could pick out the almond concentrate, but the heart of the scent is a golden brown cup of nutty, raw pecans, trailed by the slightest note of syrup and bubbling caramel. The scent is dotted with a sparing amount of orange zest, with its minuscule traces of astringent rind, and a light touch of cinnamon. On my skin, the longer I wore this scent, the more the orange zest and the cinnamon leaf dominated the scent, seeping into the skin and filling the landscape. The dryness of the spices and richness of their aroma is lightly infused with the lighter top notes of chocolate and almond, which flicker in and out depending on the heaviness of application, and how perceptive you are to the scent itself. Surprisingly, the black rose isn’t very noticeable at all, but perhaps lends a floral dryness to balance out the heavier spices.
    I personally enjoyed this scent, it’s a lovely lighter take on cinnamon, and prominently features a wonderfully nuanced depiction of pecan. The scent isn’t as heavy as the notes would suggest, and pinned against the backdrop of light, translucent vanilla flecked with spices, and a comforting nutty base, it’s definitely a treat I enjoy wearing.

    Perfect for: Going outside when the weather is lovely. When you’re wearing flowy pants, practicing self care and enjoying the feeling of the sun and the cool breeze against your skin.

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