Brand: Nui Cobalt

Scent Description: A comforting scent to welcome you, ease your mind, and make you feel at home wherever you are. Soft sand, sunwashed driftwood, the cooling shade of the front porch and a plate of homemade haupia malasadas (coconut custard donuts).

Released: Return to the Big Island

3 thoughts on “Ohana”

  1. This begins sweet, a little woody, definitely the driftwood and maybe a hint of sand, which is a little “dusty.” If there was supposed to be a plate of malasadas nearby, though, that plate has long been cleaned of its occupants haha. I get no hint of coconut, custard or fried dough. This is mostly a very “clean” linen/candle type of smell. It’s not bad, just not what I was expecting! I personally find this better suited as a linen spray or something.

  2. This is not a terribly strong scent overall, though it did last a good amount of time. I get a lot of the woody note and some of the fried dough, though I wish more of the creaminess and coconut came out.

  3. This is super calming and tropical, like a mental vacation. It manages to smell like lightly coconutty doughnuts and fresh air at the same time. It also smells pretty natural. I love it!

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