Brand: OLO Fragrance

Scent Description:


Imagine old man Erastus taking a walk through the Coastal Range. He gets to a cliff overlooking the ocean, takes out the small cedar box holding his tobacco and rolls up a smoke.

1 thought on “Erastus”

  1. This is v heavy smoky vetiver on my skin; I don’t detect whiskey and the smokiness seems to derive from vetiver rather than from the more traditional wood. It’s like a love letter to vetiver. Maybe my skin amps vetiver because it dominates this entire perfume on me? Having said that though I love this! Wore it to a friends, (a mutual friend of the OLO founders), wedding on the Oregon coast and walked through a patch of forest that smelled EXACTLY like this perfume. It will always bring back wonderful memories of the beauty of the PNW. Sillage and longevity are excellent. A little goes a v long way.

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