Ballets Rouges

Brand: Olympic Orchids

Scent Description: Ballets Rouges is for all those who have been craving a full-bodied, updated vintage-type rose perfume complete with natural oakmoss. It’s a thickly layered, jewel-toned classic chypre in the grand style, perfect for those occasions when only a boldly sensuous statement and the romance of a dozen fragrant, musky roses will do. Ballets Rouges was winner of Cafleurebon’s 2012 “best bang for the buck” award. Released 2012. Notes: Bergamot, aldehydes, red mandarin, fresh rose accord, rose de mai absolute, ylang-ylang, red thyme, oakmoss, patchouli labdanum, and musks.

1 thought on “Ballets Rouges”

  1. Incredible rose chypre. The rose is realistic, sweet, pillowy – jammy rather than powdery. Up top, there’s the brightness of citrus and chypre to balance the blend. Opens with Rhubarb-y chypre, which fades across the course of the day to leave more and more beautiful rose. Really stunning – sophisticated but not mature. 6+ hours longevity, medium to high throw.

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