Brand: Olympic Orchids

Scent Description: This fragrance celebrates the dry season and the warm, peaceful days of summer in the Pacific Northwest, when walking anywhere from a country road to a city greenspace brings the powerful scent of tawny dry grass, fir and cedar trees baking in the sun releasing their sharp, incense-like resins, and juicy ripe blackberries tempting us and the blackbirds with their jammy, musky sweetness. Inspired by nature, Ellen Covey’s Blackbird is weaves the notes of summer into a fine fragrance that is very wearable by anyone who enjoys the juxtaposition of dry ambery-woody notes with just a touch of juicy fruit. Blackbird was a finalist for the 2014 Art and Olfaction Awards. Released 2013. Notes: Himalayan blackberry fruit, dry grass and leaves, elemi, cedar wood and resin, woody-amber accord, fir balsam absolute, musk.

6 thoughts on “Blackbird”

  1. People have strong opinions about Blackbird. It is the epitome of a polarizing fragrance. I’m here to plant my flag in the pro-Blackbird camp.

    Blackbird combines two elements that don’t typically work for me: fruit and fir. However, the authentic blackberry opening – sweet, sour, and a little vegetal – will always make me smile. The fir and cedar notes are warm and comforting. The overall effect of the perfume is like sitting next to a blackberry bush in a coniferous forest.

    That said, Blackbird can be offensive if not applied carefully. The beautiful purple juice will stain your clothes, and the projection and sillage will let your neighbors know what you’re wearing. None of that stopped me from buying a bottle, especially because Olympic Orchids offers sweet little 15ml bottles. That’s all I’ll ever need.

  2. Having grown up in the Pacific Northwest, I have fond memories of collecting bushels of blackberries in the woods. I still love blackberries and have been seeking out the perfect blackberry scent. Unfortunately, most of the scents I’ve tried that have blackberry notes have that overly sweet and artificial ‘blackberry’ candy note that smells nothing like the real thing. But not Blackbird! This is without a doubt the most authentic blackberry scent I’ve tried so far. It smells lush and ripe, but still with that tartness behind it. I can just barely detect the woods underneath, but it gives the scent a nice depth. Absolutely phenomenal.

  3. Contrary to the other comments on this scent so far, I actually really like Blackbird. It’s woodsy and dry with super sweet, realistic blackberry. It’s exactly like when the forest is dry in late summer and you’re navigating through brambles that still have a few big juicy blackberries that the sun has warmed up.

  4. The minute I opened it, my reaction was cough syrup. The blackberry smell is VERY strong, and it fades to be a liiiittle more woodsy, but somehow I couldn’t get past that initial feeling that it smelled cough syrup-like.

  5. This was a scrubber for me. Apparently fir turns to gasoline on my skin because that’s all I could smell the whole time, the juice even stung a little on application like it was burning my skin. The blackberry note is nice and true though so if you don’t have a problem with fir/ piney notes this could be great for you. Pretty simple a scent though just fir and blackberries, don’t get much of the other notes at all.

  6. I really want to like this, the blackberry and woods combination is lovely, but something underneath it goes unpleasant and sour for me.

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