Olympic Rainforest

Brand: Olympic Orchids

Scent Description: A green, aromatic fragrance inspired by the mysterious, lush, mist-shrouded rainforest of the Pacific Northwest where everything is constantly green, and every surface dripping with water and covered with life in the eternal cycle of growth, decay and rebirth, all rising from the wet, leafy cradle of the forest floor. Released 2010. Notes: cedar leaves, green sword ferns, rhododendron, forest mushrooms, beebalm, myrtle, wildflowers, oakmoss, black spruce, balsam fir, Port Orford Cedar, earthy accord.

3 thoughts on “Olympic Rainforest”

  1. It actually smells like a forest!! It has a strong woodsy scent, with the cedar and fir really rising to the top. There’s a hint of flower, and the scent of wet green. Wearing this, I can picture myself stepping through the forest on a damp morning with the leaves beneath my feet and the tall trees surrounding me. I absolutely loved this. It’s hauntingly accurate and very realistic. I don’t know if I necessary love it as an everyday perfume (personal preference-wise I think I would want to smell a little more floral), but it is definitely EXTREMELY accurate in terms of actual forest scent. As an out of stater who misses the PNW, it made me nostalgic and fought off a little homesickness. It also managed to last a decent amount of time compared to the other OOs I tried but faded after a few hours.

  2. I am hopelessly in love with Olympic Rainforest. It’s one of the most realistic forest scents I have, but manages not to be one-note. This also does that magical thing where the faraway throw differs to the smell up close on the skin – from a distance, I get wildflowers and something that reminds me of berries (NOT at all synthetic, as I usually loathe berry notes…it could be the bright myrtle) with hints of the cedar – closer in, the greenery and glorious cedar-spruce blend becomes clearer, the conifers really make themselves known. It captures the individual elements of standing in a forest so perfectly, I think it’s a must-try.

    This is a fleeting love, however – longevity is only about 4 hours on my skin, maybe 5. It’s still worth it for me for the atmospheric experience! I think it’s made more wearable by the citrus/floral elements, too – though realistic, this isn’t a dark, dirty interpretation of woods, but something bright and fresh and exciting.

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