Brand: Olympic Orchids

Scent Description: The ethereal scent of cherry blossoms on a cold, damp day just before winter turns to spring. Not sweet or floral, just a cool, elusive hint of the summer fruit that will come. Sakura captures the soft, humid, airy, earthy, and almost mineral-like scent of living cherry blossoms. Because the scent is meant to be light, it is offered in EdP concentration rather than parfum. Released 2014. Notes: Cherry blossom, airy notes, light musk.

1 thought on “Sakura”

  1. This scent is almost exactly as described. It smells like damp or wet, and fresh. Without being too sweet or floral, it conveys the light scent of cherry blossoms. I grew up near a park that had a cherry blossom festival every year, and while it doesn’t capture the liveliness or the deeper scent that I associated with walking down a path full of cherry blossom trees, it reminded me of walking through the same park after an early morning rain where just the scent lingers in the air. It’s a very light and airy scent, and thus isn’t very long-lasting either. Most of the scent faded after half an hour.

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