Sonnet XVII

Brand: Olympic Orchids

Scent Description: Based on the famous poem by Pablo Neruda, Sonnet XVII is a collaboration between perfumer Ellen Covey and Michelyn Camen, Editor of Cafleurebon. This is an earthy but soft and ethereal fragrance that almost turns in upon itself. A fragrance that breathes in as it breathes out. The heart of the perfume starts with an accord that represents the archetype of a Chilean mountain orchid that blooms quietly without the showy flowers of its more tropical relatives. It’s a concave scent rather than a convex one, not sweet and fruity, but subtle, primitive and introverted. The result is a fragrance that is floral but not floral, the scent of the flower that does not bloom but sends its fragrance up from the earth so that we sense it almost unconsciously. Released 2012. Notes: orchid 17 accord, osmanthus absolute, spikenard, Bourbon vanilla, dark labdanum, oakmoss, earthy accord, vetiver, citron, white champa flower, cubeb, synthetic deer musk, ambergris tincture, musks, and mastic.

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