Brand: Olympic Orchids

Scent Description: A dry, woody fragrance inspired by the evergreen forests of the Arizona high country on a sun-warmed summer day. Originally released in 2010 as “Arizona”. Notes: ponderosa pine, Southwest juniper, acacia, sagebrush, and chaparral.

1 thought on “Tucson”

  1. This perfume captures the scent of the dry, chaparral woodlands that are common in my neck of the woods (and in Tucson, AZ apparently!). The sage features most prominently followed by the juniper and pine. It is super true to life and one of my favorite outdoorsy scents. When I layer/blend it with Woodcut and Olympic Ranforest, it smells just like the smell of the California High Sierras like Yosemite or Lake Tahoe. Lasts forever, but as it wears the sage is what sticks around the longest and it can get a little bit smoky.

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