White Cattleya

Brand: Olympic Orchids

Scent Description: Sometimes the end of autumn brings delightful surprises – the first white dusting of snow on colored leaves, the low sun peeking out horizontally from a silver break in the clouds, the translucent white filigree of ice crystals on a window, or the white orchid that suddenly bursts into bloom as fall transitions into winter and fills the greenhouse with an unforgettable fragrance. It’s not the bright-colored, blowsy, bubble-gum fruity-floral orchids of summer. Instead, it has a crispness to it that’s like a bride’s white lace dress, suspended from a network of tulle. Like the dress, the bright citrus coating is slowly peeled away to reveal the soft, sensuous, sweet and musky layers beneath. White cattleya orchids are the prototypical wedding flower. They typically are strongly fragrant, with a scent that combines a characteristic mix of gourmand citrus with an undercurrent of moist petals, vanilla, and musky sexiness. Olympic Orchids White Cattleya perfume captures this scent in wearable form. Notes: Citron, lemon, neroli, jasmine, heliotrope, orchid accord, light vanilla and musks.

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