Brand: Olympic Orchids

Scent Description: Winner of the 2015 Art and Olfaction Award in the artisan category, Woodcut links our contemporary, technology-based society to raw nature. Strong lines and delicate tracery combine to tell an archetypal tale of man’s rape of the earth. Woodcut conjures up dark images of ancient trees inhabited by spirits from a time when the earth was new, the flowing sap of felled trees, and the burnt sugar of the trees’ blood when it is heated by the saws of lumbermen and builders. The inspiration for this fragrance came from passing by a building site where old trees had been newly cut for a development and lumber was being sawed for a fence. The scent of cut wood was intoxicatingly beautiful and primitive, like a fleeting glimpse of the invisible essence of life spilled carelessly on the ground and burned as an offering to human greed. Released 2014. Notes: Fractional distillations of pine and cedar, oakwood absolute, tolu balsam, olibanum, caramel, burnt sugar, vanilla.

3 thoughts on “Woodcut”

  1. Burnt sugar top note that is very golden and desserty. Underneath is all wood, though. There’s cedar shavings, but also something that smells like still-green wood. Basically a sweet lumber yard – very unisex.

  2. Like the smell of a freshly fallen redwood. To me, cedar and redwood is naturally a sweeter scent so my brain isn’t detecting the vanilla and sugar as anything other than fresh cut wood. It is very true to life scent and great to layer with other scents to bring out more of that rich woody scent or just to wear on its own. It’s a unisex fragrance but I think it smells particularly wonderful on men.

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