1 thought on “Peaseblossom”

  1. I was wanting Peaseblossom to be a pink-fruity floral, feminine, and delicate. It’s….sure something, is what it is. Do you know what this smells like? It smells like a one of those L’oreal Kids Shampoos that comes in a fish bottle. Cherry Raspberry juice, heavy on the sharp shampoo scent, you know? It’s pink, but a synthetic soapy one on me. Like being punched in the nose a little, with a threat of if that shampoo got in your eyes if would sting like hell.

    I don’t know why it’s like this! This was, unfortunately, a major scrubber on me. I was going to wear it to work, but since it earned ‘roll down the car windows’ before I even got there, I immediately scrubbed it off in the work bathrooms. Even scrubbing, it lingered. Strong throw.

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