Âme Solitaire

Brand: Poesie Perfume

Scent Description: orchids sweetly scented of chocolate and vanilla, sharp wet leaves, damp earth

2 thoughts on “Âme Solitaire”

  1. So…I actually get a lot of damp earth, soft chocolate and vanilla (which I LOVE–it reminds me of my beloved pet dog who always smelled like vanilla dog conditioner and black potting soil). It’s truly a comforting, but down-to-earth set of notes. Unfortunately, the ‘sharp wet leaves’ smells like a magic marker to me. Which is a shame because all the other notes smell so nice (plus it reminds me of someone very dear to me). Great idea, sadly the sharp wet leaves pulled me from wanting to wear it everyday.

  2. Aged: bitter, dry chocolate upfront with sweet vanilla behind. The orchids and wet leaves make an almost incense-like combo. On me, I get either all incense or all chocolate-vanilla.

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