Brand: Poesie Perfume

Scent Description: comfy vanilla musk adds a layer of softness and warmth; a “my skin but better” scent

Released: Layering Notes

3 thoughts on “Blanket”

  1. I get vanilla but also a soft, sweet, fluffy incense. I’m assuming that’s the musk? My nose isn’t that great. I usually avoid incense like the plague, but I did not find this to be cloying at all. It is very soft and gives the vanilla some substance to support itself. Applied lightly, it really is a “your skin but better” scent. It lasts all day and I carry the rollerball if I wanna refresh. It’s one of my faves for cold weather!

  2. On me, this vanilla musk reads as very sweet and almost spiced. As with all musks, this is a long-lasting layering note on me.

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