Damn Fine

Brand: Poesie Perfume

Scent Description: dark coffee beans, airy vanilla, black musk, cardamom, bitter almond

8 thoughts on “Damn Fine”

  1. I get green coffee beans, vetiver, musk, and vanilla out of this scent. I expected dark roasted coffee beans but this is quite grassy on my skin. I’m not sure where the vetiver note comes from. I want to buy this for my partner so I can enjoy it without wearing it.

  2. On me, this scent is an almost animalic black musk combined with cardamom and–somewhere in the background–something similar to the scent of coffee. While I expected this to be mostly a coffee scent, my skin loves musk too much to let the coffee be much more than a whisper.

  3. From a distance I get whiffs of coffee and some almond, but sniffing directly at my wrists I swear I smell vetiver. I find this one very comforting, but it’s definitely a bitter scent.

  4. Wet: Lots of coffee, but a slight sweeter ‘freshly ground coffee’ with a hint of milk
    Dry: Coffee flavoring (like coffee flavored ice cream, but without the ice cream?) , hints of vanilla and cardamom, and something overall warm and spicy. it’s kind of like a toned down, more coffee-forward, less sexy/more daytime-PG version of YSL Black Opium. Mild throw, but great longevity—three hours later and it’s still going strong (particularly in crook of elbow/collarbone.

  5. It smells nothing like coffee. In the bottle it does smell bitter and planty but that’s about as close as it gets. On the skin it has an intense wood smell in addition to the bitter scent. Very masculine.

  6. To me, this started out as mostly generic vanilla sweetness, but then quickly turned into lovely strong dark coffee and a hint of chai spice. With wear the vanilla comes back out, but this time tempered by musk and almond. It’s creamy and delicious.

  7. This one starts out like the smell of dark coffee beans. The scent that comes to mind is how at some fragrance counters they have a bowl of coffee beans for you to smell in between fragrances. It is deep and sharp. With wear it starts to get creamy and musky as the vanilla and musk blend in. At the end of the day I’m getting vanilla cardamom and almond blend, with the scent of a coffee pot left on a warmer in the background.

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