Forest Cat

Brand: Poesie Perfume

Scent Description: fuzzy paws tinged with earth, night forest, grey fur musk, milky breath

3 thoughts on “Forest Cat”

  1. This scent didn’t seem to agree with my skin, the milky breath note going almost slightly sour. Apart from the wonky milk note, the next most noticeable note for me was an almost chilled earth note. Unfortunately, the forest notes seemed to have been drowned out by the milk note. This one just didn’t work for me and my skin chem, but I could see it being an interesting atmospheric on someone else.

  2. On me this is salty, chilled, wild, musky milk. It is very interesting and atmospheric, oddly fuzzy and chilly at the same time (but makes sense given the inspiration). The saltiness is in line with Northmen and Mischief Maker.

  3. This one is a salty milky scent on me. There is a hint of earth. I like layering this one with Dreamy (the lavender layering note).

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