Honey, Honey

Brand: Poesie Perfume

Scent Description: fresh cut grass, wet earth, wildflower honey

3 thoughts on “Honey, Honey”

  1. This smells like a crisp Spring day. The grass is realistic and doesn’t smell like hay. I don’t think it smells “fresh cut” but more like fresh growth in the ground. The wet earth doesn’t smell like geosmin, but like freshly tilled dark brown soil. The honey is sweet without being cloying. This perfume smells like if you were a bee exploring outside on a fresh crisp Spring day.

  2. Right off I get fresh cut grass- very green and true. Yum. I didn’t get earth and honey so much as slightly sweet florals? Honeysuckle? Maybe the honey note is just very floral and thin, not like the thick rich golden viscous honey type I was expecting. Overall it’s quite nice, very light, fresh, and springy.

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