Idunn’s Apples

Brand: Poesie Perfume

Scent Description: golden apples, caramelized hazelnuts, sweet cedarwood, hazy oud, creamy musk

2 thoughts on “Idunn’s Apples”

  1. This one started out like the scent that is released when you cut into a fresh apple. After about an hour this faded slightly and it became an apple cream cheese danish. With more wear this is a creamy, musky dessert with caramelized hazelnuts on top.

  2. I know this is from a winter collection but it feels like fall. The cedar makes it seems a little spicy-sweet. Like Too Dreamy it’s kind of a sweet fruit that’s made sexy by the oud and musk. Idunn’s Apples has caramel too, so it has a sort of sexy caramel apple vibe. I like this one, it’s quite different.

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