Brand: Poesie Perfume

Scent Description: sweet peach skin, delicate coconut milk, comforting skin musk

3 thoughts on “Innocence”

  1. In the vial, I smell fuzzy peach skin and clean human skin (no coconut milk). Wet on my skin, this scent is creamier, but I still don’t get any coconut milk. The skin musk is slightly laundryish. Once it has dried down, I think I can pick up on the coconut milk, but it’s barely there. In fact, this scent dries down to be barely there on my skin – it is very much a “my skin but better scent”; unfortunately, I can only smell it when my wrist is near my nose. My skin also gobbles it up within minutes.

  2. Wonderful coconut milk with a big scoop of frozen peach. Smells like a nicely done bellini, really. The drydown is where the skin musk begins to appear. It’s a little bitter, but the peach is sweet enough to counteract and keep this scent young and innocent.

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