Brand: Poesie Perfume

Scent Description: ethereal violet, sweet basil, rain-drenched earth, balsam fir, secrets

3 thoughts on “Laura”

  1. This one reminds me of a softer, earthier, Lush Kerbside Violet, also a greener Alkemia Deadly Nightshade without the Suede. If you like the idea of delicate sweet violet flowers growing on the forest floor, with all the greenery and dirt of said forest floor, check this one out!

  2. I can smell both the balsam & rain drenched earth, but the violet is strongest on me at first. The balsam and earth are very lovely, especially after the violet recedes. It also has a green basil note that comes out strongest at the beginning but never gets stronger than complimenting the violet.

  3. In the jar: pinesol, but like a fancy/all-natural/organic Pinesol

    First Apply: woods-y (pine and fir) with an aftertaste of something almost crisp and minty

    Upon drying: fades into crisp winter forest, but more cold than Christmasy. Sort of like walking in a fir forest and inhaling deeply while biting into a spearmint life savers, giving you that sharp, almost camphor-ish/chill-you-to-the-lungs mint rush (I wish I could explain this better–but as an atmospheric scent, it’s quite evocative of moods/feelings, rather than specific scent notes). After about 10-15 minutes, it further dries to fir + something sweet, that I guess must be the violet (I was hoping for that soapy/C. Howards violet, but got something far more subtle). I never got the basil.

    Overall, it feels very woodsy+atmospheric, and is nice, though not nice enough that I’m planning on purchasing a full size.

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