Brand: Poesie Perfume

Scent Description: floral Pacific Rose apples, luscious yellow cake, warming spices, a delicate drizzle of caramel

5 thoughts on “Mädchenland”

  1. At first it smells like apples and spices, can’t really smell the caramel yet.
    After a bit it morphs And I think I am smelling the cake now.

    Overall it’s a nice scent but I personally get no caramel

  2. The apple as you’d expect is dominant here , not being a big apple fan I had hoped for more cake & caramel. As is usually the way when you don’t particularly like a note it’s the one that tends to dominate. The caramel when it comes is lovely but it’s not enough for me to compensate for so much apple. Perfect for apple lovers

  3. This is delicious and if you are a fan of fruity gourmands it is an absolute must try. It starts out with a crisp juicy apple note, with caramel drizzle on top. With some wear it morphs into a buttery spiced bundt cake dusted with sugar and caramel butter sauce on the side.

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