Messe de Minuit

Brand: Poesie Perfume

Scent Description: church incense, balsam fir, worn wooden pews, sugared cranberries

2 thoughts on “Messe de Minuit”

  1. The cranberries give a fruity blast when first applied but then recede, they’re just there to lighten the frankincense and help retain the bright lemony effervescence of unburned resin, there’s no smokiness or heavyness to this blend at all. The balsam fir is noticeable but not overpoweringly piney. It’s a lovely Christmas blend that really brings to mind walking on a cold dark Winters night then suddenly being cheered by the lights and smell of a small Church gaily decorated with fir boughs and filled with the voices of children singing merry carols. If it were a colour it would be fizzy yellow green.

  2. It starts with sweet cranberries, but later the wood and incense come out. It’s a lovely, sweet scent with a fair bit of throw and longevity.

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