Myself Invisible

Brand: Poesie Perfume

Scent Description: stacked books, spilled ink, black tea, shy violets hiding deep in the forest

6 thoughts on “Myself Invisible”

  1. super mild, atmospheric, definitely smell the ink. A skin scent, though. The tea and violets are in the background. Might be my skin amping the ink, though.

  2. I don’t know how to explain it, but this literally smells like nothing to me. Not a bad “I hate this perfume” just nothing.

    1. Wanted to redo this, as I wrote this before having my perfume out

      So, this perfume DOES have a smell, a sort of dusty dark smell, very perfumey. The problem for me is that it fades very quickly and on me has no throw, I think that’s why I remembered the nothingness. Basically, it does smell but it goes so quick it ends up smelling like nothing

  3. This is a perfect sister scent to Opening Chapter, but more mature and developed, like Jane is. It starts out with a cup of black tea with a favorite old book. With wear the violets come out and blend perfectly with the other notes.

  4. I actually really like Myself Invisible and I’m not even a violet fan, I think the dusty books and spilled ink and subtleness makes it work for me. Those notes hold their own and accent the tea.

  5. This was all powdery flowers with a hint of tea to me. I was strongly reminded of Carmex lip balm, for some reason.

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