Plaid Shirt

Brand: Poesie Perfume

Scent Description: clean white musk, gingerbread crumbs, lemony olibanum, sandalwood soap

2 thoughts on “Plaid Shirt”

  1. This smells like a clean person who has just stepped out of the shower. (It’s quite unisex as well) This seems like a good scent to wear under a perfume ban and not get detected, or just for people who like smelling clean. Although it has a “soap” note it isn’t a soapy scent. I don’t get too much gingerbread, just a hint of spiciness underneath the sandalwood.

  2. Such a wonderful cozy scent. This smells like the most handsome, cuddly lumberjack right after he took a shower. The gingerbread is at the forefront, both spicy and sweet. I’m not sure what olibanum specifically smells like, but there is a lemony note in this, almost like a floor cleaner but without any astringency. It sounds weird but it just adds to the freshness. The base of sandalwood soap and musk is so clean smelling. Gingerbread and lemon soapiness sounds strange but this is so beautifully blended that it makes me feel like I borrowed a shirt from the hottest outdoorsy guy ever.

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