All Mirth, No Matter

Brand: Poesie Perfume

Scent Description: apricot blossom, white chocolate, butterscotch, honeysuckle, magnolia,  amber, and a fillip of juicy blood orange

Released: Fantastical Banquet

3 thoughts on “All Mirth, No Matter”

  1. In the bottle this is straight sweet butterscotch. Wet on skin it’s butterscotch with a white chocolate nuance- Poesie’s white chocolate is very realistic. Very quickly there’s a bitter (floral? maybe the blood orange?) note lurking in there, which gets stronger but also more blended, along with a very characteristic Poesie brand musk. As it dries it gets fainter, becoming a less sweet butterscotch with a hint of the earlier bitter note. Throw is medium.

  2. Definitely a gourmand more than a floral. On me, the white chocolate comes out strong and creamy on my skin with a fruity-floral background to it–think a super fancy gourmet white chocolate bar flavored by the other notes. This veers a little too sweet for what I typically wear, but I’d recommend it to someone who is a big fan of white chocolate and butterscotch sweetness.

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