Book of Words

Brand: Poesie Perfume

Scent Description: sweet orange, lemon, lime, sugared milk, skin musk, benzoin, muguet, oud

Released: Fantastical Banquet

3 thoughts on “Book of Words”

  1. I love all of Joelle’s tea frags as well as her loose leaf, she’s a tea wiz! This one though is my least fav as the citrus is problematic on my skin, it overpowers the lovely milky tea notes so much that the benzoin (one of my fav notes in perfumery), muguet and oud aren’t detectable to my nose at all, it’s just shrill lemon and lime that devolves into musk.

    It’s funny because on me Book of Words is like the listed ingredients for Twice to Tea, all citrus and a bit of milk while Twice to Tea on my skin smells like the listed ingredients for Book of Words; a strong milky black tea with hints of Earl Grey and a darker undercurrent of violet (nowhere listed!), amber and oud.

  2. Joelle, the perfumer, has described the inspiration for this as “froot loops and oud” and that is such a perfect description–in a good way! The citrus is long-lasting without being so loud as to drown out the other notes. I had no issue with the milk note souring or going strange in this. Instead, it reads as creamy and only slightly sweet citrus complimented by oud.

  3. This one is pretty unique. It’s described as unisex, and it smells a bit like a creamsicle, but not in a foodie way. Milk often goes bad on me but I don’t have any trouble with this one. While it’s nice, I don’t know if it’s something I would reach for often.

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