Strange Sisterhood

Brand: Poesie Perfume

Scent Description: Wild gathered berries, sweet violet blooms, a union of three vanillas, a creamy hint of white coconut flesh

Released: Miss, Behave! Artists Collection

2 thoughts on “Strange Sisterhood”

  1. I was expecting something a little different from this one I think. On me this is a very berry-forward scent. My sister pointed out this morning that it reminded her of the now-discontinued Sin City. The coconut is very faint and just adds a creaminess, it doesn’t pull strong on me like it did in Innocence. The violet is also very muted, which is odd as I normally amp violet.

    In the drydown, the coconut and vanilla become more prominent.

    Altogether this is pleasantly fruity and distinctly Poesie. 🙂

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