Brand: Poesie Perfume

Scent Description: luscious candied apricot, sweet amber, a sprinkle of orange and lemon zest

4 thoughts on “Prima”

  1. This is a sweet (not juicy) apricot on a warm fuzzy backdrop in the vial. Wet on skin, I get dried apricots! It smells like sweet, dried apricots after drying down, as well. This scent reminds me of my mom, who often gave me dried apricots as a snack when I was a kid. It’s simple and nostalgic (for me), but my skin eats it – it has minimal throw and staying power.

  2. First impressions: APRICOT! In your face apricot. I only used one flip from the sample vial but this one has a lot more throw than I am used to. I like it, I think. A couple hours later the apricot is still amping strong. I’m going to let it sit for a week and try again.

    6 weeks later: The apricot has softened. It is still the dominant note but now I am getting a sweet amber base with a hint of something citrus. I like this but I don’t think I like it enough for a full size.

  3. This is delicious apricots. I’m a huge apricot fan, so I’m surprised I didn’t try this one before now. It reminds me of my childhood, apricot picking at a family friend’s orchard. With wear it develops a slightly tart scent, and the lemon zest appears.

  4. Prima is mostly apricot to me… sweet, juicy apricot. With the addition of amber, this one is sweeter than I like, but the citrus pulls it out of super-sweet territory. I find I don’t really like to wear this one on its own much, and use it more as an apricot layering note.

    For Poesie scents this one’s longevity is a bit below average, about six hours on me. Layered it lasts longer.

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