Secret Boyfriend

Brand: Poesie Perfume

Scent Description: a mountain of light fluffy marshmallows, your secret boyfriend’s leather jacket, pine and cedar, a wisp of smoke

7 thoughts on “Secret Boyfriend”

  1. I got this because of all the rave reviews, and all the talk of marshmallow sweetness and leather jackets. I get no marshmallow and no leather (the scents I wanted most). I get some vague wood smell and incense. Ick….Not for me.

  2. I got this for my husband and it smells absolutely amazing on him. The marshmallow really softens the leather and there’s just a hint of smoke in the background that ties it all together so perfectly. It seems to last for the whole day too which is definitely a plus!

  3. Secret Boyfriend instantly reminded me of Black Baccara Ice Queen. The same menthol fresh- woodsy Leather opening but much sweeter.Ice Queen only sweetens up after a bit, but this one opens sweet and stays sweet. It also reminds me of A -Men by Mugler as did Ice Queen. If sweet smoky menthol woodsy Leather sounds good to you then you will love this one!

  4. I wasn’t expecting to like this,not a leather fan. I’d say this is leather for people who don’t really like leather. The marshmallow happily on me is forward nicely blending with the darker leather, woods & smoke. I enjoy the contrast, I can see why it’s so popular

  5. This is primarily leather on me (but I amp it) and some fluffy white sweetness. I catch a hint of cedar and outdoorsy tree smells.

  6. Imagine a boy, freshly showered, who just slipped on his white t-shirt and soft leather jacket to come meet you secretly in a forest. Imagine hugging this person – That’s what this perfume is. Intoxicating.

    1. I tested this again. For the first few minutes, it was all marshmallow, pillowy and sweet. For the next few minutes, it was all Play-Doh. It finally settled into its final state that smells slightly sweet and clean, like the softest hint of evergreen and laundry soap plus a warm and worn leather that smells like a hug. It’s still really nice and would make a great everyday scent for someone.

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