Sigh Away Sundays

Brand: Poesie Pefumes

Scent Description: immortelle blossom infused creme brûlée topped with a sprig of glazed black currants

3 thoughts on “Sigh Away Sundays”

  1. This one starts out with a strong burst of immortelle blossom. I have read that many find immortelle bacon-like. I can sortof see how they interpret it that way but to me it is more of a smokey sweet floral. To my nose it is similar to plumeria, if it were smoked slightly. (P.s love plumeria) With some wear a custardy creme brulee starts to overtake the immortelle, until it is the main scent I can smell. With long wear I detect black current. It really is lovely.

  2. This was the one I was most excited about in this Valentine’s collection, and I was rather disappointed when it was smoky out of the mailbox. Thankfully the smoke has calmed down a lot after resting, and it has grown sweeter after a week and a half. Custard is a strange note, but I am growing to tolerate it, and the immortelle and black currant are beautiful. The creme brulee and the blackcurrant give the immortelle the sweet edge it needs to smell nice.

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