Brand: Posie Perfume

Scent Description: a masterful blend of fine cognac and tobacco, leather riding boots and a worn leather saddle, hay from the stables, warm skin

2 thoughts on “Sir”

  1. There is a very strong astringent scent, which I could assume would be leather that smells very new. Underneath that is a slight brightness from the cognac and a warmth that I thought was similar to wood, but I now think it’s the hay or tobacco. After several hours, it fades to a pleasant yet nondescript skin scent.

  2. This one starts out like a whiff of fresh tobacco (maybe a slight hint of booze) and slowly fades to a comforting, worn leather scent. In the middle I thought I could smell some men’s aftershave, but after looking at the notes it’s either my skin or my mind playing tricks since I am thinking of Mr. Rochester as I wear this.

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