Brand: Poesie Perfume

Scent Description: fragrant, comforting basmati rice

Released: Layering Notes

5 thoughts on “Soft”

  1. Nice. Reminds me a little of Death and Floral’s “the sweater we buried you in”, in that its kind of cozy and warm. Doesnt necessarily bring rice to my mind, but I’m into it.

  2. In the vial, I get a clean musk; dry and sweet and slightly floral. Once I apply it, there’s the rice! This is a lot like the real thing, but sweeter. The musk note keeps this scent from being straight-up rice. After drying down, it’s more of a sweet, slightly floral musk with a dryness and starchiness reminiscent of rice.

    While I like this scent and think it would be great for bedtime, I like Poesie’s Madar much more, and don’t “need” two basmati rice scents. It doesn’t seem to have as much throw or longevity as Madar, however, I slather that one whenever I use it, so it’s not a fair comparison!

  3. Buttery musky rice. This isn’t quite a true basmati, but it’s close. The musk is a skin musk that runs a little bitter, however it balances the rice well and gives it something to stick to if you wear this alone without becoming overwhelming if you choose to layer.

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