Strange Unearthly Thing

Brand: Poesie Perfume

Scent Description: moss and ivy entwined, an overturned log studded with tiny mushrooms, one ripe peach, a circle of fairy flowers, white amber

2 thoughts on “Strange Unearthly Thing”

  1. It starts off with earth and mushrooms, but it soon turns into a sweet woody/earthy scent (still with mushrooms). The mushrooms are a lot more pleasant than I might have expected, they smell like real mushrooms but they are also better than real mushrooms. This is the second time I have worn this and this seems stronger than it did then. I had forgotten how nice this scent is.

  2. This starts out as described with moss and ivy, ivy being most prominent. It wears like a floral, but a wild, earthy one. With wear the peach becomes most prominent, authentic like the skin of a freshly picked peach. It becomes more and more creamy with time, probably from the amber.

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