Combustible Lemons

Brand: Area of Effect Perfumery

Scent Description:

When life gives you lemons, burn life’s house down!! With the lemons!! Bright lemongrass, vanilla, cedarwood house planks for kindling, searing leather, lemon leaf, blistering bergamot, smouldered musk, fire and smoke from the aftermath, frankincense, flaming meyer lemon, fiery tobacco, and sizzling sage. Take it from Cave Johnson – don’t make lemonade, make life take the lemons back.

NOTES – lemongrass, vanilla, cedar, lemon leaf, bergamot, lemon, frankincense, leather, musk, fire, smoke, tobacco, sage

Released: Portal Collection

3 thoughts on “Combustible Lemons”

  1. On my blind test, I got lemon and rain. That’s it, just bright lemon (not the freshest lemon, more like lemon pledge but in this really great way), and straight up fresh RAIN. Not petrichor, just rain.

    When I looked at the notes and resniffed, I realized the smoke, leather, and sage team up to make that fresh rain scent.

    Overall this is a bright and fresh scent, and I would totally wear it all the time. I’m so glad AOE is back.

  2. Hot damn, now THIS is what I’m talking ’bout! Immediately upon application I get bright, lightly sweet fresh lemon with a scent almost like freshly burned out candle or fireworks. It isn’t smoky, just sort of has that just-snuffed-out smell. A moment later, the leather and sage twirl into the mix in the background, letting the lemon keep the limelight (harhar). The bergamot is definitely there and sniffable and sort of complements and bolsters the lemon in this really delightful understated way. I love bergamot scents, but this is not a bergamot scent– I don’t notice it if I’m not specifically looking for it. Similarly, really I find that the frankincense here leans sweet and serves to round out and support the lemon in its own way as well.

    God this is good! Fresh and almost just a touch herby but definitely fruity with just a slight, delicate bit of sweetness that keeps the lemon from being too sour or astringent, and while the snuffed-out-fire smell isn’t the star of the show it’s never not there.

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