3 thoughts on “Poseur”

  1. I actually really love this scent. It’s very *80s alternative musician in black leather*.
    The vinyl was very strong when I first got the bottle but has settled down with time and now the scent is super pretty. (And surprisingly sexy?) It’s very wearable in most seasons, and also pretty gender neutral. Love!

  2. I was a little uncertain about this scent, but I kept thinking about it so I decided to get a sample and I’m so glad I did. It’s not like anything else I own and I really enjoy it!

    The vinyl is STRONG at first, but it does fade. As it dries down I get sort of a pink candy sweetness, and a soft sort of floral ish note that I think is the hairspray?

    I do feel like the dry down makes it more wearable, but I liked the vinyl note combined with that sweetness. I used to work at a fabric store, and Poseur reminds me of cutting vinyl and eating candy between customers. That’s sort of a weirdly specific nostalgia, but it was nice! It’s definitely mire wearable than I had expected.

  3. My favourite from the summer collection. Who would have thought a perfume with notes of hairspray and vinyl could be so seductive? Well it is! This is a super sexy and surprisingly wearable scent. This is what you would have worn in the eighties to go out dancing in the hottest club. Definitely reserving this one for nights out!

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