1st Sleep (Yule 2009)

Brand: Possets

Scent Description: In the ancient days the time when you first woke up in the middle of the night was believed to be the most creative and that conscious blended with unconscious to form magically good writing and thinking. Moreover, the time of the first sleep was marked by people visiting each other and thought to be the very best time of all to make love. White musk sets the stage for softest rose and light mint,   Somehow the ingredients come together and make a new entity very totally unlike the components which make it up. Dry and calm but still bright and not at all melancholy.

1 thought on “1st Sleep (Yule 2009)”

  1. ▪️This review is for Rimi▪️

    Notes: sage, black pepper and a complex Nepali Musk accord.

    If you’re a fan of musks, I recommend that you try out Rimi. I have a ton of musk perfumes and the musk note in Rimi is unique. It’s definitely the star of the show here. It almost wants to go towards powdery chypre territory but not quite. It’s hard to explain but I really like that musk note. On my skin this is a musk forward herbal scent. Sage can be very pungent and completely hijack a perfume oil on my skin but, that never happens when I wear Rimi. Something in this reads as almost minty at times. I swear that I can smell lavender (more herbal vs floral) in the background. I find Rimi to be both grounding and relaxing. The musk in this reminds me of something my Dad wore in the late 80’s or early 90’s…some kind of aftershave or cologne but the name escapes me. I wonder if anyone else knows the scent I’m talking about? This is going to bother me until I can remember the name! Again the musk in this blend is special. It smells better and better as it wears on my skin. Musky, herbal, almost powdery. On a side note, Rimi means beautiful woman in Nepali.

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