Brand: Possets

Scent Description:

“Honey offerings, incense smoke from great pots of smudging resins. This fragrance is fit for the God of Good and Evil (Sex) indeed.

Gourmand, spicy, resinous.”

Released: Permanent Blends

1 thought on “Abraxas”

  1. On my skin this reads as a darkened honey with an unidentifiable fruit note. I don’t get any incense or smoke from this at all. As far as the resins go…it smells like some kind of non powdery amber comes out after it’s been on me awhile. Medium throw and staying power on my scent eating skin. I’m starting to think I amp honey. I feel like this needs something else to cut the sweetness of the honey, like a strong wood or smoke note maybe? This is too sweet for my liking. I prefer my honey scents to smell akin to Solstice Scents Smokewood Apiairy. Even with that, eventually it turns into a singular honey note at the end.

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