Brand: Possets

Scent Description:

“Daughter of the haughty Casseopia, Andromeda was also to share in the wrath of Poseidon. She was stripped and chained to a rock to be eaten by Cetus, the ghastly sea monster! She was, however, rescued in the nick of time by brave Perseus. They married and lived happily ever after (having 7 sons and 2 daughters…one of whom was named Gorgophone {what was she thinking}).

Some of Cassiopeia is kept in Andromeda (since she was the daughter). However, Andromeda is much sweeter and less strong overall. Hawthorne and black musk combined with woody coconut (!) and an overlay of oude. A perfect scent for the warming of the earth and becoming friskier.”

Released: The Night Sky

1 thought on “Andromeda”

  1. A mature, non-beachy husky coconut scent. Super dry and woody, fans of Arcana’s coconut and black sand notes should try this one. There’s a note that is reading almost almond to me in the background that’s lending a slight sweetness overall (Hawthorne maybe?). Lower throw and staying power, stays close to the skin.

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