Bad Habit

Brand: Possets

Scent Description: You like those bad habits, don’t you? What could be better than sneaking a furtive smoke, peeking in places which you know are private, savoring a bit of gossip, or an unnecessary nightcap. This is a real good example of slightly wicked things to enjoy. It’s all very very grown up and not a bit of sugar in sight. The very best frankincense has been aged until it’s a very dark, thick and syrupy brew indeed, combine this with a drop or two of galingal, a small amount of potent orris root, and bring the whole thing up with a twist of pink pepper. The result tries hard to be hard but ends up having a totally vulnerable edge to it which I found to be confoundedly attractive. Just like a bad habit, it’s hard to stay away from Bad Habit. Resinous, dry.

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