Banana Cream Pie

Brand: Possets

Scent Description: I just hate banana creme pie. Hate it. I would turn my nose up at just about all of them until I was served one made by a friend of mine from New Orleans. I was horrified at how good it was, how the bananas were not the harsh silly ingredients they turn into in the hands of lesser chefs, the bananas became the star of the confection but were perfectly tempered by sweet cream (not pseudo “creme”) reduced to a custard and sweetened with cane sugar. There were very light and barely detectable spices kissing the mixture, and it was all held in the thinnest and most darkly golden lacy crust I have ever beheld. Pie of the Gods. This blend just about perfectly replicates the experience. It uses banana as a precious and valued part of the scent, rather than as a silly novelty and the result is captivating. Surprisingly sexy.

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