Black Death

Brand: Possets

Scent Description: Nothing light and nothing sweet about The Black Death. The darkest ingredients out there and the longest lasting fragrance of the season. Vetiver from Haiti is the thick undermat, building up on a foundation of chypre and black musk. A hint of earth and a purr of black pepper. Galbanum makes for a mournful and stone like note. The smoke of a distant fire. All these things summon up the solemnity and the attractiveness of Thanatos. It is a sad and majestic blend, a beautiful blend in a very serious way but there is an undeniable but forbidden seduction about it all with the inclusion of a black musk with an abiding sexuality. A remarkable blend, one which is certainly not a typical Posset but it is a typical Posset in its daring approach to an inspiration and genre of perfume.

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