Black River

Brand: Possets

Scent Description: An almost indestructible and ineluctable blend of resins which is deep incense combined with dark velvety vanilla wood. This is an instant classic, highly exotic and so rich that you will be able to wear very little and yet make a huge impact. Glorious and somehow I think of “bright night” when I smell it. Tremendously complex. Resinous, oriental, vanilla.

1 thought on “Black River”

  1. Something in this blend comes across as animalic or civet like. It’s walking the razors edge of that awful cat pee smell! It reminds me of Besarabian Whorehouse. Most definitely a strong resinous scent. This one takes awhile to calm down on me. I think I need to age this bottle for awhile. Once it settles, it’s a lovely resinous Oriental scented woody vanilla fragrance. I hope the animalic note will lessen with age because I’m not a fan of that phase in this one. Other than that, it would be wonderful.

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