Black Tea

Brand: Possets

Scent Description: The most dark and the most tannic of teas. Somehow that puckery quality becomes addictive and IÂ have to call this blend “narcotic” after all. Just right for a seductive night deep in July or August where humidity makes itself into a sexy accessory. Not subtle but very alluring. This is just the straight tea as made by me, not a tea with accoutrements. Pure and beautiful, incense floats over it all and the effect is so much like the vapor lines of a mirage. Tealike but non foody (not sweet)

Released: Permanent Blends

2 thoughts on “Black Tea”

  1. I wish I liked this because I love tea, but maybe I don’t love smelling like tea perfume. With all due respect, especially to the memory of the lovely Fabienne, this one was straight spicy B.O on me. Not a foody spice, it must have been the tannin in the perfume, because this was some alien concept of spiciness I haven’t encountered before or since, mixed with a pungent unwashed bodily stank so far beyond musk it was just overwhelming sweat and skin gunk. The mere smell left on my fingers one time I opened the bottle made my face feel like I was trying to do some bizarre flehmen response. I still have this, but I haven’t opened it in a good while – part of me hopes it’s aged well, most of me is kind of scared of it.

  2. A floral musk with the perfect tannic black tea base. There’s something almost honeyed about the musk that, when coupled with the astringency of the tea, is really narcotic. I could huff this for ages. It lasts a long time, though it doesn’t appear to have much throw.

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