Capezzoli di Venere

Brand: Possets

Scent Description:

“Oh the ecstasy! If you ever saw Amadeus, you would know what I am alluding to*. The fabulous confection from Italy with all the whimsy that country can muster, and that would be mighty. Start with a perfectly roasted chestnut for a smooth and proper base for the softer things to come. Around that wrap ganache made of buttercream and gardenia kissed mocha which will melt your heart as it expires from love in your mouth. Enrobe with bitter dark chocolate. Die from love.

*Capezzoli di Venere translates into “”Nipples of Venus”””

Released: Permanent Blends

2 thoughts on “Capezzoli di Venere”

  1. This was sent to me as a sample, & I had to let it sit for a few weeks since I think it experienced “mail shock” from being shipped during the summer heat & taking longer to arrive because of post office issues.

    When I tested it a couple of days ago, it had morphed into an aphrodisiac. Good lord. Not kidding. I dabbed a little in my hair & on my neck & then accidentally spilled a little on the rug next to where my husband was sitting. He, smiling, immediately started sniffing my neck. Deep, darkest, aromatic chocolate, chestnut, & some rich, slightly sweet, creaminess along with ElBandido’s mention of “a tint of dark coffee.” Must get a bottle. LOVE this.

  2. I *honestly* can’t believe I haven’t tried this perfume sooner. This perfume is SO good, I physically can’t sniff this fragrance without wanting to pull the smell deep into my lungs (and I admit, as soon as I took my first sniff–my instant reaction was to gasp out, “SHUT. UP.” because it’s INSANE how anyone could create such a good rendition of a chocolate truffle). It starts off smelling like an ultra-dark and earthy chocolate (like 90% cocoa), which makes an amazing contrast with the smooth (and non-cloying) ganache and steamed chestnut (oh, and I can smell gardenia petals in this damn thing. And a tiny tint of dark coffee). This is a gourmand for gourmand-haters, it doesn’t *dare* to go saccharine-sweet on my skin–because the ‘bitter dark chocolate’ helps tone the sweetness down and leaves me smelling like an ultra-fancy (and immaculate) chocolatier. Seriously, anyone who loves chocolate NEEDS to try this!

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