Cupid & Psyche

Brand: Possets Perfume

Scent Description: Love and the soul, one of the first and most psychologically devastating tales in ancient mythology. The god, Cupid falls in love with the mortal, Psyche, much to the major annoyance of his mother, Venus (the goddess of Love). Trials and tribulations abound on the way to true bliss between the lovers. This is the base story for Beauty and the Beast, and in the end, psyche becomes immortal through the power of love. Sweet black vanilla and finest Mexican vanilla dance with the finest patchouli and end up on a bed of incense. Truly a breathless beauty of a fragrance, a classic Possets foody done with all the sticky resin of the east and the staying power of forbidden love itself. Be transported to a paradise in your own mind.

1 thought on “Cupid & Psyche”

  1. Straight from the bottle this is a dead ringer for Juicy Fruit gum (stick gum in the yellow package) so that won me over right there for nostalgic reasons alone. This one really agrees with my skin chemistry. On my skin the resins start to develop and morph this into something fantastic. I always get compliments from both men and women when I wear this perfume oil. It’s very hard to describe the scent of this one on me. Definitely unique for sure! On a side note to the patchouli haters…don’t worry you won’t smell like a head shop, the patchouli is very faint in the background.

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