Dangerous Oil

Brand: Possets

Scent Description: Dark and heady, what even Madame X would wear if she had to be assured of a conquest. Dangerous Oil is infused with the finest of rare things. 6 musks from blackest black up through a rare and gorgeous in itself purple/blue musk hybrid. A good jolt of labdenum and an edge of cognac. The heart note is an entire chypre made only for this project and used for no other. There is a fresh and almost gardenia-like part to this (but there is no gardenia in it), it is not a floral but a resinous blend but there is a mesmerizing beauty to it.

Released: Permanent Blends

6 thoughts on “Dangerous Oil”

  1. On my skin I could pick out the musks, cognac and the gardenia like note. They seemed to mesh together and turn “musty” for lack of a better word. It’s like the gardenia note turns into musty fig on me. Possets has a retour scent called The Asp and I smell that, or a part of it, in this. I’m not sure how I feel about this one. There’s a background note in there that reminds me of “old lady perfume” but not quite. It’s hard to describe. Go the sample route first in my opinion. This is definitely a crazy description and I’m curious if others smell the same things.

  2. This one is a shifter! I’ve smelled a fresh floral, a powdery almost leather like note, vanilla (or something sweet) gourmandy scent, resinous scent, and something I can only interpret as cologne-like, kinda unisex? Wikipedia says chypre accords have historically been used in male and female perfumes, so that may be it. It’s really interesting and I’d definitely say it’s a sexy blend.

  3. I really enjoyed this one. It’s resinous and heady and tantalizing. There is an exotic spiciness to it that makes me think of a less conspicuous, sneaky, more dangerous version of BPAL Snake Oil. It’s not a version per say, as it wholly stands on its own, but has a similar quality to it that I love.

  4. Dangerous Oil is a very floral/sweet sheer musk that reads like deep purple gauze. It’s very feminine, but not very interesting to me.

  5. I was hoping for strong and musky from Dangerous Oil, but it turned into a sort of baby oil smell for me. Not bad or unwearable at all, but incredibly boring on me. I think it just didn’t work with my skin chemistry.

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