Drama Queen

Brand: Possets

Scent Description:

A trunk without a head walk in like manner As walked the others of the mournful herd. And by the hair it held the head dissevered, Hung from the hand in fashion of a lantern,

Nothing stirs up discord like a Drama Queen, and how much more dramatic can you get than when you totally lose your head? Dark and heavy stuff deserves a very dark and wild perfume. Black fig and a hint of hemp. Dark galbanum and a side of black fern. A small amount of a tarry black musk blend. Wildly sexy, the kind of thing to stir up a ruckus. Wear this if you want to be noticed.

2 thoughts on “Drama Queen”

  1. I ended up mixing this bottle with Damned If You Don’t (half bottle of each) but the fig still completely took over. Ended up using in my diffuser with no issue. I highly recommend trying out mixing Drama Queen with Damned If You Don’t in the diffuser.

  2. I can pick out all of the individual notes in this and they come together beautifully…then my skin amps the fig and ruins it for me. Another oil that is better diffused than worn. I seem to amp fig so unless that’s an issue, I would give this a try if the notes are up your alley

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