Emine (EH-meen-eh)

Brand: Possets

Scent Description:

Named after the only French consort to the Ottoman Sultan, this is a perfume worthy of one of the most splendid eras in perfumery. All the beauty of the East is spread before you in shimmering profusion. The most beautiful of frankincense, the most subtle and luxurious of white oudes, the most sweet of myrrh (a very special type of golden myrrh),  a light golden patchouli, and a drop of styrax. This is a very Eastern, thick, and resinous blend, a comforting and sweetly languidly seductive thing. Emine is more “come hither” than demanding, almost foody but not quite. I am very proud of this one, and I think it will be very popular at Yule.


1 thought on “Emine (EH-meen-eh)”

  1. No just…NO! Something in this does not agree with my skin chemistry. I wore this around the holidays and actually had people around me asking “What stinks?”!!! The only note that I’m unsure of is the Styrax. Everything else in this blend I’m familiar with. I don’t get it but this one absolutely reeks on me. I had to scrub it off after a few hours because I just couldn’t take it. The “stinky” note stayed throughout the wear time without changing or mellowing out.

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